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Tire Speed Rating Chart - Tyre Size Calculator

Tire speed rating or the speed index/symbol specify the top speed at which the tire can carry a load corresponding to its Load index. See tire speed rating chart. Continue Reading

Tire Psi Chart at Tire Rack

Tire Psi Chart found in: What is the Recommended Tire Pressure for New Tires?, Tire Tech Information - Tire Size Conversion Chart, Tire Tech.. Continue Reading

Motorcycle Tire Size Conversion, Speed Ratings, Load ...

NOTE: ALWAYS use the exact tire size, type, speed and load rating recommended by the manufacturer of your motorcycle. Never try to second-guess the designers and ... Continue Reading

Trailer Tire Load Range Chart at Tire Rack

Trailer Tire Load Range Chart found in: Tire Tech Information - How to Read Speed Rating, Load Index & Service Descriptions, - Tire .. Continue Reading

Tire Load Index Chart | Tires Plus

Use the tire load index chart to see how much weight your tire can support. Multiply by 4 to get your vehicle’s maximum load–carrying capacity. Continue Reading

Tire Size Conversion Chart: Motorcycle, Scooter, Dirt bike

Tire Size Conversion Chart, decipher a motorcycle tire size, what are tire speed ratings and more. Continue Reading

Tire code - Wikipedia

The ISO Metric tire code consists of a string of letters and numbers, as follows: An optional letter (or letters) indicating the intended use or vehicle class for the ... Continue Reading

Tire Size Chart | Dimensions Info

Tire size charts are filled with information about the tire’s capabilities and specifications. A tire size will indicate the diameter, speed and load rating. By Continue Reading

Tire Chart Conversion -

Motorcycle Street Tire Size Conversion Chart: Front Tires: Rear Tires: Metric: Alpha: Inch: Metric: Alpha: Inch: 80/90: MH: 2.50/2.75: 110/90: MP85: 4.50/4.75: 90/90 ... Continue Reading

Tire Speed Rating Codes - Buzzle

Choosing tires with the right speed rating ensures proper handling and smooth car functioning. A chart denoting tire speed rating codes is an essential reference when ... Continue Reading