Range Rover Sport Coupe Design, Price

The auto industry is all set to welcome a new player in the
Coupe segment. Giving up to the pressure from peers, Land Rover
will be launching a new model very soon. Bearing the code of
L560, this model will be called Range Rover Sport Coupe. The
new vehicle will have a more focus on road orientation, unlike
the Range Rover Sport (which has an evident urban streak and
off-road focus).

Range Rover Sport Coupe - front

Range Rover Sport Coupe – Exterior and Interior Design

Range Rover Sport Coupe is expected to fit in the space below
Mercedes-Benz GLE Coupe and BMW X6. The vehicle will be around
15.4 feet long, a little shorter than the . This will make the
vehicle bigger in length than Evoque. The weight of the Range
Rover Sport Coupe could be as low as 3,968 pounds or 1800
Kilograms. This makes the vehicle a little lighter than the
competing counterparts -BMW X6 and Mercedes-Benz GLE
Coupe. The car is all set to provide the users with a
luxurious interior and a stylish exterior. The cabin has been
designed to give a tough competition to BMW X6 and
Mercedes-Benz GLE’s layout. The company is planning to stay up
with the standards of this segment.


The cabin will be more intimate as compared to the existing
range rovers. The interior will have a four seat layout,
which will be comfortable and luxurious. The interior options
list may have a 2+1 rear seat with a fifth seat belt. The
car will be complementing F-Pace as an on-road vehicle.
However,the alloy architecture of F-pace does not have the
ability to extend to a 5+2, three row seating arrangement.
Evoque XL’ was previously said to have this
configuration. With a dramatic roofline (having a slope)
and an overhang with a tight rear makes the cabin of the model
looks like a cockpit. A feature that none of the previous
versions of Range Rover had. The company has reduced the
rear doors openings to minimum, which is an attempt made to
make the model look more stylish.New material and finishes are
expected to be a part of this vehicle because of its luxury
interior and exterior.

Range Rover Sport Coupe - interior

Range Rover Sport Coupe – Engine and Performance

The suspension and aluminium body of Range Rover Sport Coupe
will be borrowed from Jaguar F-Pace. The model will be coming
with excellent engine and performance. Featuring six- and
eight-cylinder gas and diesel engines, and may be, the
four-cylinder engines that are a part of F-Pace, the vehicle
will have good functionality. It may also have an electric
powertrain that the company is making for its i-Pace EV. This
electric power train may be included in the model, in the form
of a V6 3.0-liter hybrid system, which is a part of the
Range Rover Sport. The engine is expected to have a capacity of
542 horsepower. This model may be the first all-electric
controlled vehicle from Land Rover. The expected features
associated with engine and performance make the upcoming model
an attractive vehicle.

Range Rover Sport Coupe - rear

Range Rover Sport Coupe – Price and Release Date

It is estimated that the price for Range Rover Sport Coupe may
hit the mark of $128,000. The vehicle is expected to hit the
market in the year 2017.