2018 Lincoln Aviator Design, Price

The Lincoln Aviator is set for a comeback after a 13 year
hiatus. Manufactured by Lincoln motors, a subsidiary of Ford
Motors, the Lincoln Aviator made its international debut in
2003. Two years after the release of the first Aviator, Ford
halted its production due to low sales. The 2018 Lincoln
Aviator is expected to be the successor of the Lincoln MKT
models currently in production.

The new midsized luxury crossover SUV from Lincoln Motors will
feature a design similar to that of the MKT models. Also, the
design of this Aviator is similar to that of other SUV brands
key among them Toyota and BMW. Nevertheless, the new Aviator is
expected to offer better mileage and overall performance.

2018 Lincoln Aviator - front

2018 Lincoln Aviator – Exterior and Interior Design

As already stated, the new 2018 Lincoln Aviator will have a
design similar to that of the Lincoln MKT model. Nonetheless,
the new Lincoln is expected to undergo several changes in its
exterior and interior designs. For starters, the 2018 Aviator
will feature a new grille and new powerful LED headlights for
night driving. A chrome trim will occupy the SUV’s front
portion while the side portion will feature a chrome strip
extending all the way to the car’s rooftop. The tires are
covered by heavy bumpers.


As for its interior, the new Aviator is expected to have a
spacious interior characterized by an automatic climate control
system and plush leather seats. For luggage, the new Aviator
boasts of adequate space to store all kinds of luggage. The
infotainment system will also get an upgrade. For steering,
Lincoln opted for a soft leather steering wheel. The car will
come with all the high-tech options expected to be found in a
modern crossover SUV, this includes cruise control, collision
control, and smartphone connectivity.

2018 Lincoln Aviator - interior

2018 Lincoln Aviator – Engine and Performance

Though Lincoln is yet to confirm, speculations are rife that
the new 2018 Aviator will be powered by a 4.6-liter DOHC
32-valve V-8. Couple by dual intake runners the 2018 Lincoln
Aviator will be capable of producing 302 hp at 5740 RPM.
In regards to torque, the car will be able to achieve
impressive 3000-pound feet of torque at 3250 RPM.

With such a powerful engine under its hood, the new Lincoln
Aviator 2018 can accelerate from 0 to 60 MPH in just under 7.6
seconds. The suspensions on this crossover SUV are superb and
are able to maintain the car’s stability despite it weighing
5082 pounds. The transmission on this vehicle is also
impressive as it is the Ford five-speed automatic transmission.
The latter transmission delivers smooth upshifts and timely

2018 Lincoln Aviator - side

2018 Lincoln Aviator – Price and Release Date

The actual release date of the 2018 Lincoln Aviator is still
unknown. However, it is highly expected that Lincoln will
announce the release of the new Aviator in either November or
December 2017. The manufacturer might push its release to early
2018 though.

As for its price, the new Aviator 2018 is set to be cheaper
than other Ford crossovers. In this regard, it is expected to
come with a price tag of anywhere between $ 35,000 and $
46,000. The $ 35,000 price tag will be most likely be for the
base model, while the $ 46,000 tag will be attached to other
variations of the new aviator.