2018 BMW X7 Modifications in the Engine, Competition

As far back as 2014, German car manufacturer BMW had already
confirmed that the x7 bmw was coming to town. It was that year
that BMW’s Spartanburg, South Carolina celebrated their
two-decade anniversary. As part of the ceremonies, it was
announced by Chairman of the Board Norbert Reithofer that the
2018 BMW X7 is indeed going to be a reality. This came with the
statement that BMW was going to pour a billion dollars in
investment into the plant. The 2018 BMW X7 is meant to be
a seven-seat, all-terrain flagship vehicle for the car maker’s
series of off-road X models, mean to go head-to-head with the
Infiniti QX80, Mercedes GL, Cadillac Escalade, Lincoln Navigator, and Range Rover. This vehicle is primarily
targeted at the United States market, especially with the
rising demand for mid-size to large SUVs, although it is also
predicted to do well in China because of its increasingly
richer population, Russia, and the Middle East.

2018 BMW X7 - front2018 BMW X7 – Exterior
and Interior Specs

As is customary with BMW, vehicles are tested while covered
with black and white swirls as camouflage. A test mule was
spotted in Germany, showing a more elongated rear compared to
the older model X5. The top lines still are still sloping. The
trunk, on the other hand, is still stubby, even though previous
rumors had touted this to be larger than the previous
models. There are, of course, some similarities to the
2018 BMW X7 predecessors, and especially the X5 and X6. It is
expected to be as heavy as the X5, mostly because it’s going to
be largely made of aluminum, high-strength steel,
carbon-reinforced plastic CFRP. There will also be some carbon
fiber, but that’s only going to be aesthetic. More than
any other vehicle model, the bmw x7 2018 is meant to rival
the Range Rover. Using this as basis, the interior of the car
is expected to be the most luxurious model that the brand has
ever made. There’s going to be a fully usable third row, which
means there will be enough space for seven passengers, plus the

2018 BMW X7 - interior

2018 BMW X7 – Modifications in the Engine

The United States car market will be provided with turbocharged
V6, V8, and V12 gasoline engines. There are also going
to be three-liter, Twin Power Turbo straight-six diesel and
plug-in hybrid diesel variants. This latter version is expected
to have more than 50km of electric range. The top, most
featured-packed model will most likely get the V12 engine –
this will be the first production model of the X range to be
coupled with this engine type. A rear-wheel drive and an
intelligent xDrive may also be produced. The bmw x7 will
be fitted with air suspension – this is calculated to give the
vehicle superb off-road handling.

2018 BMW X7 - rear

2018 BMW X7 – Competition, Release Date and Pricing

The 2018 BMW X7 is expected to be released in the latter part
of 2017, with a price tag of at least $60,000. This will put it
in direct competition with the Mercedes-Benz GL-class and the
rumored Audi Q9.