2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara Changes, Price

The Suzuki Grand Vitara is an established sport utility
vehicle. The first generation of Vitara’s ran from 1999 to
2005. They attempted to combine both off-road capability and on
road comfort. The first generation of Vitara’s had a chassis
which similar to a truck, the second generation model were in
production from 2006 to 2013 they were almost similar to the
first generation the only difference was that it had a body
structure that blended the designs of the chassis of a car and
that of a truck. As long as public recognition of the Vitara
was concerned it was pretty favorable for its regular features,
the best feature of the vehicle is its abilities on dirt
trails. This year Suzuki is already to launch it 2017
model of its most anticipated Grand Vitara and it definitely
has been attracting some noise in the auto market since it is
rumored to have much better features than its previous models.

2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara - front

2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara – External Body Parts and Inner
Cosmetic Changes

The Suzuki Grand Vitara 2017 is In all sense is a much bulkier
vehicle look when compared to its predecessor’ what it means is
the vehicle is posed to have better external features and
giving it a bigger and meaner look. The dimension of the 2017
Suzuki Grand Vitara has also been increased so meaning there
will be more room space in the interior; but this in any manner
does not affect the stability of the vehicle as they have
lowered the height of the vehicle for this purpose. This time
around several parts of the vehicle have been built using light
but very durable material hence improving the overall
efficiency and performance and better fuel efficiency. They
have made changes in the front bumper making it a little
broader so as to fit in their one of a kind fog lights. The LED
lights on the vehicle also have a smooth look to it and hence
giving the vehicle a chic appearance. They have also
experimented with the looks at the back of the car especially
with the tail lights and the exhaust.


They main point of focus of the manufacturer in the new 2017
Suzuki Grand Vitara has certainly been the Comfort and
Convenience. The interior of the vehicle comes with gorgeous
black leather. The interior temperature controls are certainly
note worthy. The dashboard of the 2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara has
been modified to a large extent the new dash is now much more
friendlier and interactive than the previous model, also the
entertainment systems has also been upgraded.

2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara - interior

2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara – Engine and Performance

The 2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara is powered by an iV4. The engine
is a beast in its own manner it is a 2.4 liter four cylinder
with a maximum output of 166 HP and 162 lb –ft of torque. It
has a six speed automated transmission and is available in all
wheel drive. It can go to 0 to 60 mph within 6.8 seconds flat.
Also the fuel efficiency of the vehicle is much better than
its previous models.

2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara - side

2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara – Release Date and Price

The 2017 Suzuki Grand Vitara is expected to come into the
market during the second half of 2016. It is expected to
have a base price of $ 31,000. The release date is not certain,
there are only speculations.