2017 Mercedes G-Class Specs, Price

The Mercedes-Benz’s work on the Mercedes G-class has been
impressive so far. The 2017 Mercedes G-Class is soon-to-be, the
best model yet in the G-class, projected to arrive come the
year 2017. This new model is new and not new at all given it’s
still bolstered by a 40-year old body, but now, has had its
inner workings tweaked to reflect a more modern approach in
performance terms. By automotive standards, a 40-year old
vehicle reflects as old, but the Mercedes G-class doesn’t show
any signs of driving into the sunset. Reports have, however,
suggested of its imminent departure a few years down the line,
after which, an entirely new model is set to pick up the
mantle. All the same, the G-class has received much love and
praise over the years, and the 2017 Mercedes G-Class is sure to
cement that reputation again.

2017 Mercedes G-Class - front

2017 Mercedes G-Class – Interior and Exterior Design

The 2017 Mercedes G-class is expected to make use of cutting
edge tech in its interior. You can expect it to have parking
sensors (front and back), running lights, purely LED, a
rear-view camera for easy rear visibility, a sunroof, a
monitoring system, specially made for blind-spots and a cruise
control that is adaptive and automatic wipers.


Its cabin is said to come with driver memory settings, climate
control (automatic), dual power ports, a satellite navigation
system, a music system, completely surround sound with 12
Harman Kardon speakers, a voice command system and Bluetooth
capabilities for both phone and audio. Looking at the exterior,
you can expect side-mounted exhaust outlets (both sides) and
19-inch wheels. The color variants should be exciting and quite
a number for a variety of choices.

2017 Mercedes G-Class - interior

2017 Mercedes G-Class – Engine and Performance

In more than one way the 2017 G-class has improved (slightly)
from the previous model and a lot of this improvement has been
seen in the performance. Ideally, the engine has been dialed up
and given an upgrade to better suit today’s modern performance,
hence making it more efficient, not to mention more powerful.
The previous 5.5-liter V8 engine has been removed to make way
for a twin-turbo charged 4.0 liter V8 that is well-known to
power a certain supercar. The horsepower has also been
maximized to 416-hp and the lb-ft of torque is projected to be
at 450. While the EPA figures haven’t been disclosed as of now,
you shouldn’t expect it to be over 12/15 mpg city rating by
much. However, the entirely new performance should see the 2017
Mercedes G-Class reach naught to sixty in 5.9 seconds.
Generally, if you loved the previous G-class model, you can
expect this one to be even better. The new engine and improved
specifications, see the Mercedes G-Class 2017 has no turbo lag
whatsoever, and the forward thrust it moves with is
outstanding. Granted it is an all-wheel drive, torque is
effectively transmitted to all the wheels via an automatic,
7-speed gear system. Its performance is generally better than
the previous version. The cornering has been tweaked to
perfection and its stability control system lets you have fun
once you take the vehicle over the edge. The downside is its
lack of precision due to its steering. It feedback is low and
constant correction is a task, but this issue fades away once
you are off-road.

2017 Mercedes G-Class - rear

2017 Mercedes G-Class – Price and Release Date

The 2017 Mercedes G-Class is expected to come in a total of 3
trims and you can expect it to be in the market by August come
2017. As for the starting price, it will go for $120, 825.